The following reports and articles provide evaluations of the CPFP. 

  1. Independent Association of Postdoctoral Training with Subsequent Careers in Cancer Prevention
    The purpose of this study was to examine the career paths of alumni from the CPFP and specifically what proportion of the alumni were currently performing cancer prevention-related activities.
    Read the report published in PLoS ONE
  2. Alumni Perspectives on Career Preparation during a Postdoctoral Training Program: A Qualitative Study
    Published evaluations of career preparation of alumni from long-standing postdoctoral fellowship programs in the biomedical sciences are limited and often focus on quantitative analysis of data from extant publicly available sources. Qualitative methods provide the opportunity to gather robust information about specific program elements from structured postdoctoral training programs and the influence of this training on subsequent career paths of alumni. In-depth interviews with a subset of the National Cancer Institute's Cancer Prevention Fellowship Program (CPFP) alumni (n=27), representing more than 25 years of the program's history and multiple career sectors, were conducted to assess alumni reflections on the training environment and career preparation during their time in the CPFP.
    Read the article published in Life Sciences Education