Online applications for the Summer Curriculum are usually accepted from November through February. This timeframe may differ per year and application deadlines may be different for domestic and international applicants. Space is limited. Preference is given to individuals with a doctoral degree or relevant experience in cancer prevention and control. Acceptance into the Cancer Prevention Fellowship Program is not necessary to attend either of the courses.

To register, please complete the online application.

For all applicants, provide the following documentation to apply:

  • Curriculum vitae
  • Letter of Nomination/Recommendation from the Director of your institute or department on official letterhead indicating commitment to research and continued engagement in cancer control activities
  • Essay consisting of the following two questions, each to be answered in 1500 characters or less:
    1. Why do you want to attend the selected course(s)?
    2. What do you hope to gain from the course(s) and how do plan to use the knowledge you will have gained?

For international applicants, provide the following additional documentation to apply:

  • Academic diploma: Submit a copy of the official diploma for your most advanced degree, with English translation if necessary. Academic transcripts and/or fellowship certificates for medical specialties will not be accepted as a substitute for a copy of your official diploma. Please view the
    Degree Evidence Guidance (PDF, 134.42 KB)
    document for further clarification.
  • English proficiency: Submit one of the following documents:
    1. a copy of your TOEFL or IELTS score;
    2. a letter written by the director of your institute or department to confirm your English proficiency; or
    3. a copy of your academic transcript confirming your completion of an English course.

For international applicants from Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland, you are now required to apply through a separate application process:

Please ensure that you provide all the needed documents before clicking the “Apply Now” button on your application. Once you submit your application, you will not be able to make any changes. Incomplete applications are not reviewed.


The Cancer Prevention Fellowship Program will notify all applicants of their status via e-mail after all materials have been reviewed. Notifications will be sent by late March. The NCI Center for Global Health will notify the international applicants from low- and middle-income countries who were selected to receive funding assistance around this same time.