Both courses are open to physicians, scientists, other health professionals, fellows and students who have an interest in cancer prevention and control. Acceptance into the CPFP is not necessary for participation in either course. Individuals from cancer centers, universities, health departments, industry, U.S. Federal Government, and from across the United States and around the world have previously attended.

Recommended prerequisites are courses or experience in epidemiology, biostatistics, and cancer biology. Preference is given to individuals with a doctoral degree and/or relevant experience in cancer prevention and control. There is no cost to attend either course. Room, board, and transportation expenses are the responsibility of the participant. 

International applicants

The NCI Center for Global Health (CGH) welcomes international applicants for the Summer Curriculum. Individuals currently engaged in public health programs, cancer research and cancer control are encouraged to apply. A limited amount of financial support may be available for select meritorious applications from low and middle income countries as classified by the World Bank. Applicants must include letters of support from home institutions, academic or ministerial, indicating commitment to research and continued engagement in cancer control activities. For certain international applicants limited funding for living expense may be available from the NCI's Center for Global Health. Please contact the NCI Center for Global Health for more information: